25 - 26 JUNE


Saturday  8pm
Sunday  5pm


General Admission  $20
Plays with a Purpose Pass  $69


A rehearsed reading

"If those men in their offices knew what we were coming from, they'd know we will never, ever stop coming."

The paradisal island of Lampedusa. Where North Africa meets Rome. Stefano follows in the footsteps of generations of fishermen. But in the twenty-first century the catch is very different: his job is to pull drowned bodies of migrants out of the Mediterranean. And in the bleakest corners of the UK, Denise tramps from door to door collecting pay day loans, witnessing crippling hardship and hearing complaints about immigration.

Putting us in the shoes of those whose job it is to enforce our rules, this is the story behind the headlines of two strangers finding hope and connection where they least expect it.

Presented as part of Plays with a Purpose



Playwright  Anders Lustgarten
Director  Jeff Kingsford-Brown
Technical Designer/Operator  Tyler White

It’s activism starting with self.

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