If you are interested in booking The Dark Room for your next event, please read our info pack and then pitch your show.

The Dark Room is also available to hire for rehearsals and meetings. Contact us to discuss charges.

The Venue

The Dark Room is a basic black box performance space. It seats 50 people, or 60 standing. The stage is 4m deep x 11m wide. Full drapes cover stage left and right, and divide the foyer and performance space. There is a small dressing space, stage right with drapes, and one unisex toilet adjacent to it. Due to building limitations, there is no "backstage" other than in the wings.

Our Model

The Dark Room operates under a risk-share model. We take 30% of your show’s box office against a minimum $130 per performance. Aside from that, there are no other venue costs.

All programmed works are co-presented by The Dark Room. We collaborate with you on production and publicity duties associated with the presentation of your show, and also provide support through the team at Centrepoint Theatre.